IV Infusions & Pregnancy

Lindsay Flick
Mar 06, 2024By Lindsay Flick
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IV Infusions & Pregnancy

IV Infusions for Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a miracle, but there are days when it doesn’t feel like it. Swollen feet, achy breasts, and restless sleep are all common, but perhaps the hardest side effect for many women is morning sickness. Expectant moms grappling with overwhelming nausea and vomiting may find welcome relief with IV therapy pregnancy symptoms associated with morning sickness. 

A liquid IV for pregnancy offers valuable hydration if you find it hard to keep fluids down due to severe nausea. Dehydration can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue and headaches, which can be difficult for moms-to-be to navigate if they already feel tired from the rigors of pregnancy. And dehydration isn’t beneficial for your baby either, because it can decrease amniotic fluid levels and, eventually, breast milk production.

Luckily, there are a number of IV packages used commonly in IV therapy during pregnancy, all of which can help give you relief from those common symptoms like fatigue and headaches. Consistent IV therapy can even help with nausea and vomiting, especially when we include the various nutrients featured in IV packages such as the Myers’ Cocktail.

Hodag HydrO2 drips specialize in high-quality IV infusions. Our service is fast and responsive, plus it allows patients to remain comfortable at our convenient location—which is especially appreciated by women with morning sickness.

Safety of IV Therapy During Pregnancy
It is important for expecting mothers to take every precaution for the safety of the baby. That’s why the medical professionals at Mobile IV Nurses take every precaution to ensure that our IV therapy sessions are safe for all our clients, especially pregnant women. 

All our IV therapy sessions are administered by trained medical professionals. We use high-quality sterile equipment during our treatment sessions to eliminate the risk of infection.

We also encourage all pregnant women to talk with their healthcare provider before undergoing any sort of treatment. Talking with them about plans to use IV therapy will give you the peace of mind to combat your symptoms and feel your best.

What Is Morning Sickness?
Nausea and vomiting are the key characteristics of morning sickness. But that name is a little misleading; for many women, the queasiness can strike at any time. And while morning sickness is typically confined to the first trimester of pregnancy, starting around week nine, some mothers-to-be may feel nauseous well into their second trimester.

There’s no specific cause for morning sickness. The increase in progesterone and estrogen hormones during pregnancy may be a factor, as well as a predisposition to motion sickness or migraines, or a pregnancy with multiples. A bout of morning sickness may be triggered by odors, heat, or spicy food—or it could simply come out of nowhere. 

Usually, each episode of morning sickness lasts for a few hours, and you may vomit once or twice during that time. In rare cases, women may be sicker for longer periods of time and throw up more frequently, which is a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. 

Normal morning sickness can be frustrating because it disrupts your daily schedule. Severe morning sickness, however, can lead to dehydration and weight loss. This may affect your baby’s birth weight and cause complications with your liver and thyroid. It’s important to know the signs of dehydration with morning sickness:

Inability to keep down water or other liquids
Infrequent urination or low amounts of dark-colored urine
Elevated heart rate
If you experience any of those symptoms, your doctor may recommend an IV during pregnancy.

Why Should You Use IV Fluids for Morning Sickness?
IV therapy rehydrates your body, replacing the depleted fluids you lost due to morning sickness. We use medical-grade, safe IV fluids for pregnancy that are filled with the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that need to be replaced when you’re dehydrated. Our hydrating treatments provide powerful symptom relief for many health concerns, including those related to pregnancy and new motherhood.

Morning sickness isn’t the only time to get IV fluids when pregnant. Your obstetrician may suggest IV therapy if you are struggling to get all your nutritional needs met. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause serious issues such as birth defects, and morning sickness nausea and vomiting can make it even more difficult to get the nutrients you and your baby require. 

Plus, anyone who’s been pregnant knows that it can be draining physically and mentally, making it hard to cope with fatigue. IVs can supply potent energy support to help alleviate the fatigue, giving you more strength and vigor to tackle all the tasks you need to accomplish before the baby comes.

We recommend a Myers’ Cocktail to combat morning sickness. This drip IV offers a proven combination of vitamin B12, B Complex vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, and glutathione to give you energy. 

IV therapy for pregnancy can also have postpartum benefits, as infusions can be useful for new moms after the baby arrives. If you find it hard to consume enough fluids, try IV therapy while breastfeeding to help your body meet the demands of nourishing your infant.

Other Health Benefits of IV Therapy for Pregnant Women
In addition to helping with morning sickness, IV therapy can have many other health benefits. For one, it can improve your body’s overall hydration. When you are hydrated, you will have a lot more energy to take on your day. For pregnant women, being hydrated is even more critical to your day-to-day well-being.

IV therapy during pregnancy will also help you support your immune system as well. This will help protect you against any future illnesses you might experience. You’ll also be less likely to suffer from any future bouts of nausea and morning sickness

What to Expect During an IV Therapy Session
IV therapy during pregnancy allows you to safely and effectively relieve your symptoms and improve your daily life. Preparing for an IV session is easy. Just make sure you are dressed in something comfortable and eat something beforehand, ideally something well-rounded and rich in nutrients such as protein. During the IV session, you can then just relax and take it easy as our trained medical professionals administer your treatment.

After your IV treatment appointment, you can get back to your daily life. Just make sure you take it easy for a few hours. Drink plenty of water and eat more protein-rich food to ensure your body is in tip-top shape.

To ensure the maximum benefit for an expecting mother, it is important to keep up a healthy diet and lifestyle, eating the right foods and getting plenty of water and rest. That way, you’ll be most likely to avoid future issues with nausea, morning sickness, and other illnesses.

At-home IVs during pregnancy offer relief whenever and wherever you need it. Concierge services are available upon request and we come to your home so you can stay relaxed and comfortable in familiar surroundings, or we’ll administer your liquid IV for pregnancy at your office if you have a busy workday. 

While you are seated, we gently insert the IV catheter into your arm and attach it to the drip line. The IV fluids travel down the line and into your bloodstream for rapid, maximum absorption. The entire session only lasts 45 to 60 minutes, so IV therapy doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day.

Your body’s working hard growing a new life inside it, so support and nurture yourself with IV therapy for pregnancy. Book an appointment with us today!